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Happy Clock Day 2013!

2013-08-15 14:11:31 by atlanteanfish

Have a well-timedday, also have fun browsing art/games/movies/music/community pages :3

1. favorite color
Purple :3
2. favorite number
7! ^_^ It's the magic number :D
3. favorite city
Manchester, because it's the only city I've really been to xD (She just a small town girl... ._. )
4. favorite food
I'd say maybe tangerines at the minute. You know, the easy-peel ones? Or grapes. Red.
5. favorite beverage
Either regular monster, or lemonade. Oooh! I wonder what they'd be like mixed together... OH! Fanta Fruit Twist is DA BOMB, and all ;D
6. favorite animal
Something feline. Lion or tiger :3
7. favorite video game
Uhh... I don't know ._. I've been craving a go at Kira Kira Pop Princess, recently, but I'm a saddo ._.
8. favorite book
The Book of Lost Things, right this second :3
9. favorite woman
My nan ^_^
10. favorite man ... <3
11. What is a typical day off like for you?
Either sitting in all day, on my laptop, or going out with a few friends, or getting them to come to me :3
12. What are your main goals in life?
Heh. I dunno ^_^
13. what would you get and do if you won the lottery?
I'd buy a pretty little house, and anything I needed badly like food, then put anything I don't really need into savings, and uhh.. Go to a good university and get good grades and a good job and make a nice life for my future and current family :3